Freshpet Dog Food Reviews Mention Great Options for Fall

As pet parents, we know that our dogs do not understand the changing of the seasons. Still, we cannot help but be excited as the weather changes for fall, and we are likewise interested in sharing in some of that excitement with our pets. One of the opportunities that the changing seasons provides for us is the ability to give our pet’s diet a change of pace. Several fall foods have been proven to offer benefits to our dogs, so much so that they have been featured in some of Freshpet’s recipes. In the interest of pet parents that are consulting dog food reviews for some autumn-themed food offerings for their pets, Freshpet includes a short list of their recipes that include fall foods.

Anyone with a small dog knows that they can have just as much energy and personality as their bigger counterparts (or often times, even more!). Some are surprised to learn that they require more calories per pound than larger breeds. Acknowledging dog food reviews submitted by pet parents and to meet their pets’ ever expanding needs, Freshpet created Freshpet® Select Small Dog Multi-Protein Recipe with Sweet Potatoes. The recipe is nutrient-dense with the needs of smaller dogs in mind and contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals due to its meat and vegetable content. Because the recipe features both sweet potato and pumpkin, it is also a great fall themed offering for your pet this season.

Freshpet acknowledges that dog food reviews frequently speak to the inherent need for treats that feel decadent but also formulated with health in mind. Dog Joy® Turkey & Apple Bites for Dogs stand out as one of Freshpet’s offerings that fit the bill. The recipe contains turkey and apples, both of which are foods that we naturally think of in the fall. Apples are a great autumn-time treat for our dogs even on their own, but it is nice to have access to a treat that already contains them. After all, it takes a bit of the prep work out of the equation!

In the fall, we break out our heartier recipes for the first time in months. The cooling weather really brings home the need for richness in our diets. Freshpet® Vital Turkey Roll takes the same principle and applies it to our dogs. Why should they miss out on quintessential fall flavors such as turkey, cranberries, and spinach this season? Freshpet likes to think of the offering as a Thanksgiving roll and, with fresh 100% natural turkey for protein and antioxidants from the cranberries and blueberries in the recipe, dogs can enjoy a balanced meal thoroughly inspired by the foods that we eat in the fall as well. Freshpet dog food reviews reveal that the roll is well received by quite a few furry friends, and the meat loaf-like appearance of the food leads to a meal that we almost feel obliged to give our dogs a seat at the table to eat.

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