Nutritional Tips for Feeding Your Dog This Summer

Summer is a great season for enjoying time with our furry friends and venturing outdoors. Of course, pet parents know that the changing seasons mean that we need to adapt to best take care of the needs of our pets. In the summer, our dogs’ biggest enemy is the heat, and pet parents will want to take all of the steps necessary to keep them happy, hydrated, and healthy as we all spend more time outside. Here, Freshpet discusses a few simple nutritional tips for keeping our dogs healthy during the summer months.

Less May Be More

Some pet parents are surprised to find that their dog has less interest in eating during heatwaves. While any change in appetite should be closely monitored to be sure that it is not evidence of an issue, experts find that it is not uncommon for dogs to become less hungry during warmer months. One reason for this is because during summer months, your dog does not need the same number of calories from their food to keep warm. If pet parents are worried about their dogs getting the right nutrients despite their shrinking appetites, there are a few ways to get assurance. For example, a trusted vet can provide insights on vet recommended dog food or high protein dog food that can give your dog their nutrient needs, even in lower amounts.

Try Fresh Dog Food Options

Moisture is extremely important for dogs during the summer, and it can be helpful for pet parents to reinforce their dogs’ fluid intake by providing fresh, vet recommended dog food. High protein dog food options that are fresh can help by stimulating a dog’s appetite through pleasant aromas and textures. Because fresh foods also contain higher moisture content than dry options, they can also reinforce hydration by adding an additional source of fluids into their normal diet. Remember that it is important to speak with your vet before making big changes to your dog’s diet for many reasons. Not only can your veterinarian provide guidance for any dietary changes made with the heat in mind, but they can also point you in the direction of a vet recommended dog food that takes all your pet’s dietary needs into account.

Consider Cold Treats

Dogs do not have the ability to regulate their body temperature as well as humans and, for this reason, it can be an excellent idea to give your dog treats that will help them stay cool. Some pet parents prefer frozen fruit treats such as chopped seedless watermelon, strawberries, or banana. Others like to give their dogs DIY frozen dog treats using safe and healthy ingredients to keep them cool in the summer heat. Certain store-bought options can be kept cold as well, which can be a benefit to your dog during particularly hot days. One of the most important things to remember about dog treats is that they must contain ingredients that are safe for our pets. Do not make treats using ingredients that can be unsafe for dogs to consume, and always do some research if you are ever unsure!


Provide Access to Cold Water

In the summer heat, it is always important to ensure that dogs have easy access to cold water. It is recommended that a dog should drink between ½ and 1 ounce of water per pound of their body weight daily- which means that pet parents will always want to keep a bowl within paw’s reach! There are plenty of ways that pet parents can keep water available to their dogs all day. For example, keeping several bowls around the house or the backyard makes it easy for your dog to get a drink whenever, or wherever, they get thirsty this summer. Change the water frequently and always be sure that there is water in the bowls, as water is crucial for preventing dehydration in the heat. Pet parents should also keep water with them while on walks, as you never know when your dog may need a drink while on an adventure.

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