Signs That You Are Feeding Your Dog the Wrong Food


Freshpet dog food reviews offer deep insights into the wants and needs of pet parents and their furry friends, revealing that parents are constantly evaluating the quality of their dogs’ food. After all, we know that a balanced diet that fits the specific needs of our pets is one of the simplest ways to maintain their health and lifestyle. While there are many resources and opinions that can help pet parents tell what is right for their dogs, there are also several ways they can learn by listening to their pets. Dogs may not be likely to speak to us directly- but they are typically honest when it comes to their reactions! Here, Freshpet reviews a few common signs that your dog is not receiving the best food for their needs.


Low Energy

When Freshpet reviews energy levels among dogs, they find that they can vary considerably from breed to breed. This means that “low energy” can be a subjective term, as some dogs simply are less active than others. Freshpet notes that, if your dog is typically a big ball of energy and you notice them slowing down, it may be because of their food. Dogs require a variety of vitamins, minerals, protein, and fat to best maintain their health and activity level. It is important to remember that these needs can change as a dog ages, so what was once their favorite food may eventually no longer suit their needs. If you realize a decline in your dog’s energy levels, check in with your vet and consider their diet.


Bowel Issues

Bowel issues such as loose stools, mucus, abnormal odors, or constipation can be an indicator that your dog is not receiving the best food possible for them. To recognize bowel issues as they occur, it may require paying close attention to your dog as they do their business. For example, paying attention to the quality and frequency of your dog’s bathroom habits is an easy way to tell how they are feeling. Pet parents should also look for unusual behaviors such as scooting after using the bathroom, as this can point to an issue with your dog’s anal glands or a lack of fiber in their diet. Freshpet dog food reviews speak to the importance of essential nutrients, including fiber, that helps ensure that dogs stay regular.


Weight Increase or Decrease

When Freshpet reviews indicate that a dog may not be eating the best food possible, a significant weight increase or decrease is one that frequently alarms pet parents. This is because it is one of the most noticeable changes, especially if one’s dog is usually a healthy weight. Losing or gaining unusual amounts of weight can be a sign that a dog is not getting proper nutrients or that there is an issue with the number of nutrients they are receiving. Freshpet dog food reviews note pet owners’ desire to maintain their dog’s weight and ability to live a healthy lifestyle- and food is one of the first things to evaluate. As with any issue that you notice with your dog’s health, always consult a trusted vet before making any sudden changes.

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