Dog Walking Tips Every Pet Parent Should Know

With spring on the horizon and the weather already starting to warm up, peak dog walking season is on the way! Dog walking is a simple, enjoyable activity but that does not mean that it can’t be optimized for even better experiences. Here, Freshpet reviews a few tips that every pet parent should know for making sure they and their pets are having the most enjoyable walks possible.

Choose the Right Leash

Choosing the right leash is essential for your walks. Freshpet reviews leashes and that harnesses can be easier on dogs as they can alleviate back pain and are less likely to cause injury to do your dog’s throat should they try to pull. If you are going with a leash, it is always a good idea to choose the best one for the job. Retractable leashes, for example, are best avoided for walks because they can cause injury to the leash holder, break if enough force is applied, and pet parents can accidentally give their dogs too much leash for their own good.

Always Start Slow with Puppies

One thing that many pet parents forget is that, regardless of the breed, you should always start slow when walking puppies. Some experts recommend around five minutes of walking time per each month of age two times per day. This means that a five month old puppy should only be getting around 25 minutes of exercise twice a day. Freshpet acknowledges that the reason it is suggested to start slow with walking puppies is because young dogs do not have much endurance yet and can quickly tire out on longer journeys. Puppies are growing and still getting comfortable with their bodies, give them the time they need by starting with shorter walks.

Create a Good Walk Routine

Dogs benefit from an effective routine as it helps them develop a strong bond with their pet parents. Freshpet recommends choosing a time of the day to walk your dog and sticking to it. It can also be helpful to walk your dogs to the same places because it allows them to get comfortable and used to their walking routines. Many pet parents find that when sticking to routines, their dogs are better behaved when introduced to new walking areas as well.

Bring Treats Along

There are a variety of reasons to bring treats along for your walks. One of the biggest reasons why pet parents should have treats on hand is because it provides the opportunity to reward your dog’s good behavior. Because many pet parents train dogs on their walks, it is always a good idea to have treats for positive reinforcement. Freshpet reviews how treats can also be a lifesaver for getting your dog to behave in public should you need to quickly gain their attention for safety reasons. Remember that with great power comes great responsibility when it comes to treats. You should not provide treats in moments where your dog is not behaving correctly as it may unintentionally reinforce negative behaviors.

Have Access to Water

It sounds like common sense, right? But you would be surprised how many pet parents may forget to bring water along for their dogs even if they are sure to have some on hand for themselves. Dogs cannot sweat to bring down their temperatures in particularly hot environments and they can quickly overheat on their walks if pet parents are not careful. Having water ready for when they need it can be great for helping your dog cool down and rehydrate, if need be, especially on longer dog walking journeys.