What are Some of 2023’s Leading Dog Food Trends?

With 2023 close to halfway through, Freshpet and its team have had plenty of time to dig into some of dog food’s biggest trends and evaluate how they may impact things moving forward. Here, Freshpet explores some of the leading trends in 2023 as well as a few insights for pet parents who want to remain tuned in to developments within the dog food space.

Customized Nutrition Plans for Dogs

Pet parents are becoming more and more knowledgeable about holistic pet health as time goes on. With this comes the desire for more personalized, targeted approaches to pet care. Up to 88% of pet parents in the US say that taking preventive measures to protect pets’ health is key, and many have made a point to stress the importance of products with targeted benefits. For example, pet parents of older dogs are more frequently on the lookout for foods that address joints, muscle, mobility, and other issues that may arise as they reach senior age. Pet parents of puppies and younger dogs are increasingly purchasing recipes that promote better immune function, general wellness, and growth. Freshpet dog food reviews frequently show just how much pet parents are thinking about the continued health of their dogs and their interest in tuning pet care to their specific needs. It is expected that this behavior will only increase as more resources become available.

Emphasis on Affordability

News of inflation and the economy has been on many minds within the past year, and we definitely seeing an impact on purchasing behaviors and emphasis on more affordable products as time goes on. In 2023, Freshpet finds that pet parents expect great value from the foods that they provide for their dogs and are interested in more affordable brands and product lines. It is important to note that affordability can be subjective in the dog food world, however, experts are finding that pet parents are favoring options that promote value while still focusing on quality ingredients.

The Rise of Meat Alternatives

In 2023, we’re witnessing a growing demand from pet parents for sustainable and eco-friendly options, including dog foods with meat alternatives. These diets not only cater to pets with food allergies and sensitivities but also address our shared commitment to a greener future. Freshpet acknowledges that the vegetarian pet food space has seen significant growth within a few short years as companies have properly addressed how to feature balanced ingredients containing all of the necessary nutrients- all without meat. As we continue to see more brands include meat-free options, only time will tell how long this trend continues within the dog food space.

High Quality Ingredients Reign Supreme

Freshpet knows that pet parents heavily favoring foods featuring high quality ingredients is far from a new trend. However, more widespread knowledge on the positive impact a healthy diet can have for our beloved dogs and cats has certainly made more people prioritize high-quality pet foods in 2023. Experts find that more pet parents than ever are seeking out natural, functional ingredients, reading labels for foods that promote probiotics, omega-3s, etc. This is part of a larger trend of people wanting to show a commitment to health and wellness for their pets and acknowledging how dog and cat foods full of filler and less than desirable ingredients may cause health concerns later on. As a result, 2023 is seeing a rise in popularity and sales of foods featuring fresher ingredients.