Freshpet Reviews the Benefits of a Consistent Feeding Schedule

Pet parents are always questioning whether they are feeding their dogs in a manner that contributes to good health. One source of disagreement between pet parents is the issue of whether free feeding or scheduled mealtimes are the best fit for their dogs. While free feeding can certainly be a convenient method depending on one’s lifestyle, it is not without its disadvantages when compared to a more consistent schedule. Here, Freshpet reviews a few of the benefits of maintaining a consistent feeding schedule as opposed to free feeding.

Helps Prevent Obesity

Pet parents often note that the ability to control how much, and when, their dog eats is essential for monitoring their caloric and nutritional intake. For example, several Freshpet dog food reviews note that a sudden change in dogs’ weight was the catalyst for switching foods and mealtime habits. When Freshpet reviews the importance of a proper schedule for feeding, they find that the process is especially helpful for helping a dog maintain a proper weight. This is because lack of a feeding schedule can pose a risk of under-feeding or over-feeding. Dogs that are allowed to free feed but do not have the control to stop when they are no longer hungry can very easily overeat and become obese, potentially causing serious issues with their continued health.

Regulates Potty Time

When Freshpet reviews the importance of feeding schedules, they find that pet parents often adhere to one because it allows for synergy with their bathroom and or walk times. Dogs will need to go out a certain amount of time after eating and knowing when they will eat can be extremely helpful for knowing when to let them out. Dogs, much like people, are creatures of habit that prefer consistency in their schedules. This means that keeping a proper schedule for feeding and letting them out can be a great way to maintain both their physical and emotional wellbeing. Freshpet dog food reviews also reveal that quality dog food combined with a consistent schedule can keep a dog regular and feeling its best.

Allows for Appetite Monitoring

Lack of appetite can be an indicator of a serious health problem for many pets. For this reason, Freshpet dog reviews reveal just how important monitoring appetite is for maintaining a dog’s wellbeing. Scheduled feedings ensure that a pet parent can immediately tell if their dog is losing their appetite or has been skipping meals, giving them the opportunity to consult a professional as quickly as possible. This is contrasted by free feeding, where it can be more difficult to monitor their appetite- especially if there are other dogs in the house that may eat what is left. The quicker that a change in appetite is noticed, the quicker a dog can be examined and checked for potential health issues.

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